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Paul’s Top Tips for bringing an Eventer back into work

I usually start by the beginning of December with older horses that need to be fitter than the younger horses and I start with 4 weeks walking and gentle trotting out hacking daily (providing they haven’t had any previous injuries) building up to an hour to an hour and a half by the end of 4 weeks.

I wait to clip the horses until they have done 1-2weeks of ridden work as they can be a little fresh sometimes.

Then I gradually introduce the flat work and slow cantering by weeks 6-8 and again I increase this as time goes on. I then introduce pole work and jumping by weeks 8-10 however, every horse is different and some need a little less. Routine is a very important part of training for me.

I do a lot of hacking/hill work and schooling whilst hacking and limit the arena use to a couple of days per week so the horses don’t become stale.

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