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Our top tips for fitting a horse rug

It can sometimes be very difficult to find the correct size rug to fit your horse, especially if you’ve bought a new horse and you have no idea what size rug to buy!

Here we will show you how to fit your horses rug correctly and ensure he or she is wearing the correct thickness for the time of year. Firstly we suggest during the spring/sumemr months when the temperature is mild the Equiwear Light Weight 0g turnout rug would be perfect for keeping away the chill, keeping your horse dry and clean the night before a show! The Equiwear Lightweight Turnout 0g comes with a neck cover for the cooler evenings too.

During Autum the Equiwear 200g Middle weight turout is the ideal rug for your horse as it is slightly thicker in weight so will keep them warm and dry during the cooler days and the neck cover will come in handy for the colder evenings keeping your horse snug to the tips of his of her ears.

The Equiwear Heavy Weight Turnout 400g is the ideal winter rug for those cold frosty night times, but can be left on during the day when the temperatures stay very low. The neck cover is ideal to be used over night to keep them extra warm and comes in useful when your horse is clipped to keep them extra toasty.

The best way to measure your horse for their new rug is to measure from the front of the shoulder right to the end of their body at the top of their hind leg. Thi will ensure the rug is big enough to allow for movement in the field but not too big that the rug has the possiblity of slipping back on your horse and causing injury.

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